Jimmy ” Henchman” Rosemond associate charges with the murder of the former friend of hip hop artist Curtis(50 cent) Jackson.

Former music mogul Henchman attended court today Nov 1 when the court over turned his murder-for-hire- conviction. About a year ago Henchman was found guilty of hiring two men to murder Lowell” LodiMack” Fletcher in September 2009. Henchman claims he hired the two men because his 14 year old son was attacked by former G-unit artist Tony Yayo. Rosemonds claims attorney Tod Kaminsky was being bias towards the case because prosecution Henry Butler received benefits for his testimony during the trial.

The former mogul claims that Kaminsky was also apart of Tupac’s death. The case is currently still upholding trial and on going as the courts and the jury gather together to make Rosemonds final decision. As of today there isn’t anymore information about the case what so ever. There will be more updates about Rosemonds trial, so tune into (fi)enomenal Friday 6pm.



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