Biography Of Fiuna (NaNa) Hatter

 Fiuna (NaNa) Hatter was born on June 9, 1994 at Cook County Hospital located in Chicago, IL.  Hatter  was the first and only born child to her parents Tina Baldreas and Edward Hatter. As a child she grew up with two happily married parents in a middle class neighborhood. Her first school was George Rogers Clark Grade School. This is where she found out her talents one which is writing and photography. Fiuna was known around grade school for her incredible writing and was considered to be on a higher level than those in her class. After graduating grade school she then attended Michele Clark High School, where she found love for arts and media. In high school Fiuna made sure she stood out just enough to be recognized but not so much to be noticed as a smart individual. Yes, Fiuna did have had her ups and downs throughout those years and becoming a young adult. But she didn’t quit find who she was and what she wanted out of life just yet.

Shortly after graduating high school Hatter decided to take a break from school and relax and find out what she truly wanted out of life, which was to be am entertainment. A year after figuring out what she had wanted to do. Fiuna then decided to go to college, but not just any colleges. Hatter wanted to attend the best arts and media schools one being the top school in Los Angeles ( The Academy Of Dramatic Arts and Columbia College Chicago ). She was granted a lot of scholarships and aid for any art colleges she chose to attend and the college of her choice, which was Columbia college Chicago, The Academy Of Arts, and numerous other dramatic and media colleges. Unfortunately, tuition rose high as the years passed. Fiuna couldn’t afford to attend Columbia neither the other colleges. Hatter was immediately depressed for a few months because she then felt her  dream was stolen from her and she  couldn’t do anything about it.

After waiting a few months to figure out her next move Hatter decided to get a job and work until she could afford some kind of monthly payments. Shortly after , Fiuna then found out about The Illinois Center for Broadcasting and found out they were affordable, but still wasn’t granted aid so  continued to work. After a few months passed Hatter eventually  gave up and continued to work and live her life. However, shortly after Fiuna received outstanding news ! she found out her  dad was eligible for a loan and that’s when she began her journey in multimedia and still continuing to do so today. Hatter plans on taking advantage of her education and also plans to become a national world-famous all around mogul in the entertainment industry!