After Michelle Obama Racist Comment Mayor Resigns

Mayor Beverly Whaling, recently resigned from her duties in a small town in Virginia after her racist comment of first lady Michelle Obama. As sources stats Whaling compared Michelle to an Ape on social media ( Facebook). She has turned in her letter of resignation this past Tuesday and as authorities state it was effective immediately. Whaling made the post after the winning of Donald Trump, she was downing the Obamas for Melania Trump. Whaling blamed Clintons supporters for putting attention on her post and throwing it out to the public. On Thursday Whaling has written an apologetic letter to The Washington Post.

In my opinion her letter was written for sympathy and not for a legit apology. Honestly think she meant every word but didn’t think she would be punished for her actions.

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3 NYC luxury buildings takes Trumps name down

Some time this week in NYC three buildings will have Donald Trumps name taken down and renamed by the streets they’re located on. This idea came about after residents started a petition before the election. Due to this petition owners of these buildings decided to go through with the thought after Trumps win. Sources state that they agree these penthouses will gain more residency after Trumps name is removed.¬†However three other condos will keep Trumps name due to his co-ownership of the residential luxury buildings. So far residents are happy and are working on changing the names of other buildings with Trumps name on them.

I think this is by far the most exciting news due to the election! Also I think Trump shouldn’t have his name on buildings he filed bankruptcy on.

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Ohio man arrested for trying to join ISIS

Aaron Travis Daniels was arrested for suspicion of joining the terrorist organization known as ISIS. Travis is 20 years of age and is from Ohio, he was arrested for trying to aboard a plane leaving Ohio on Monday. Federal authorities stated that Daniels destination was Libiya where he had planned to join ISIS. According to the criminal complaint Daniels wired ISIS organization $250 dollars. Daniels was being held Monday without bond but has a bond hearing Thursday at 9 am.

Personally I think he shouldn’t be given a bond because of a terrorist act. Also I believe Daniels should be sentenced to prison for his actions.

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